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European Legacy Tours take you into the most charming Central European destinations to explore their past and present. We are based in Krakow, but provide an enormous number of options to choose from, for example door to door transfers, group tours, private tours, airport transfers. You can choose one of our main tours which will take all day, visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau and Wieliczka Salt Mine, or a shorter walking tour through the Jewish district of the city, the former Jewish Ghetto or just focus on the city center. We can also provide you help with finding accommodation in Krakow.
We are specialise in private and small group holidays to Poland and Central Europe. With our unrivalled knowledge and experience, we are committed to bringing you the finest private and small group adventures available.


We focus on making Ancestry Tours to Poland as meaningful as they can be. Guests with Jewish roots in Eastern Europe place their trust in us, planning their emotional family root visits to Poland. We also offer a wide range of ground services to our clients visiting Poland. Having a long experience and in-depth knowledge, we carefully plan the tour routes to ensure that our guests visit all of the most important or interesting sites, and ensuring they make the most of their stay in Poland. European Legacy Tours provide the most suitable hotels and comfortable transportation, at all times taking account of the guests’ comfort. We adjust the itinerary to your individual needs and schedule.


Our wonderful adventure with tourism started in 1993, and our unique knowledge of the industry and experience since 1993 ensures that guests trust us with organising their visits to Poland. Since that time we have broadened our horizons and worked tirelessly on meeting our clients' exceptional demands. We take pride in our teams ability to innovate, as travel is our passion! Our founder Jolanta KozioĊ‚ has dedicated her life to traveling. In 1985 she was certified as a tour guide in Krakow and tour leader abroad. Her passion and commitment is recognised in our clients' testimonials. Our staff’s concern and personal dedication to the client is evident in many testimonials and reviews on Trip Advisor. Our energy and commitment has led to a huge increase in clientele, who trust our firm.